Facebook, Microsoft To Lay The Giant Cable Jointly Across Atlantic

Facebook - Microsoft Lay The Giant Cable Jointly Across Atlantic

Recently, Facebook and Microsoft have the joined hands in order to lay a state-of-art and giant sub-sea cable exactly across the largest Atlantic Ocean successfully connecting the United States with Europe as well as beyond accordingly as to ease faster speed as well as access to the high –speed Internet.

The new cable will surely help satisfy the increasing user demand for the most reliable and high speed connections for online and cloud services for Facebook, Microsoft and their potential users. And the fresh and innovative cable is popularly called as ‘MAREA’.

Facebook - Microsoft  Lay The Giant Cable Jointly Across Atlantic

It said that the construction of this cable will truly commence in the month of August 2016 with conclusion excepted in the month of October 2017.

The release said that Facebook as well as Microsoft are working together on this wonderful system in order to accelerate the growth of the future generation of highly advanced Internet communications as well as support the great explosion of rapid growth and data consumption of their own online and cloud services.

MAREA or this new cable will the most outstanding and highest-capacity device to always cross the gigantic Atlantic Ocean, because it includes 8 fiber pairs and a starting predictable design capacity range of 160 terabits per second of bandwidth. It is really about sixteen million times the appropriate bandwidth of residential internet connection.

This 6,600-km of submarine cable device would be managed as well as operated by the Telxius.

Christian Belady, who is a Datacenter Strategy, Development and Planning and General Manager of Microsoft Corporation, said that “The MAREA Cable – Atlantic trans we are constructing with Telxius and Facebook will provide low-latency and new connectivity and facilities that will surely aid in satisfying the growing demand for reliable and greater-speed capacity across the gigantic Atlantic.”

Najam Ahmad, who is a vice president of Network Engineering at the Facebook, said that “Facebook really wants to quickly make it possible for individuals to have shared experiences and deep connections with the individuals who matter a lot to them at anytime and anywhere in this world.”

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